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In our museum shop you will find not only literature on the subject of Friedrich Engels, but also interesting facts about the industrial culture in the Bergische Land and interesting facts about Wuppertal.

In addition, there are small mementoes such as our magnets with motifs of the Engels-House to discover.

Perhaps you would also like to have breakfast with Friedrich Engels.
Our attractive Engels cups and breakfast boards will make your morning a special experience.

We are looking forward to your visit at Kontor 91, every Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00 and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 15.00.

Want some breakfast?

Cups, bread plate, pens and co.

Enjoy your breakfast with our attractive Engels-Cups. A ballpoint pen on top for Sunday crossword puzzles.

Engels-Cup white: 11,00 €
Engels-Cup Pop Art: 9,00 €
Ballpoint pen with angel signature: 4,00 €  


To complete your gourmet breakfast with the attractive Engels cups, we can provide you with the matching bread plate.

Engels-Plate: 6,95 €
Plate red or green: 6,95 €
Plate angel house : 7,50 €


Keep your notes or appointments with our refrigerator magnets.
Price: 2,50 €

Send greetings from Wuppertal to friends and acquaintances with our attractive postcards. For example pretty motives from the old Wuppertal.
Price: 0,50 € 

Or do you prefer Friedrich Engels? The thinker, maker, Wuppertaler! in Pop Art design
Price: 1,00 €

And many more...

A little souvenir: Souvenir bag, ribbon lace and braids remind us of times long past.
Price: 1,00 €

Decorate your gifts with a great book of poetry! Five pieces in the form of a beautiful book box.
Price: 10,60 €

For all book lovers! Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx as bookmarks.
Price: 2,00 €

At Breakfast


Enjoy your morning coffee in the beautiful colourful Friedrich Engels cup and for your mare there is the matching breakfast board to go with it.

Set-Price: 14,00 €

At breakfast

for two?

No problem, just get the second set for your partner as well.

Or give this breakfast set as a gift to your loved ones!

Set-Price: 16,00 €

Foil magnets

Three magnets with great motives

No more forgetting!

Keep your notes and appointments with views from and to the Engels-House.

Set-Price: 5,00 €



Sealing tapes

Wrap your gifts differently

and decorate them with sealing tapes!

Five sealing tapes in the form of a beautiful book box and on top a bust of Friedrich Engel.

Set-Price: 14,00 €

Ballpoint pen

with light function and touch pen

Write your greetings to relatives and friends and a pretty folded card of your choice is included.

Set-Price: 5,50 €

Pretty folded card

of your choice

and a silver ballpoint pen with the signature of Friedrich Engels.

Set-Price: 5,00 €

Mörderisches Bergisches Land

11 crime novels and 125 leisure tips

Abysmal Bergisch

Slate walls and terrain traversed by gorges. War trails and pilgrim paths. Cradle of the Neanderthal as well as worldwide innovations. Tourist magnet between nature and industrial culture: The Bergische Land was and is not for the comfortable, but a proving ground for farmers, business people and of course bikers. The conflict potential of this region of contrasts leads Regina Schleheck, born and resident of the Bergische Land, to criminal bloom in 11 short stories.

The Bergische Land is a region of contrasts, a region that has always been attractive, historical, touristic, industrial and criminally exciting.

Price: 13,00 €

To all readers:

"A brilliant, astute, and humane masterpiece"

Friedrich Engels, der Mann der den Marxismus erfand.

Whoever says Marx must also say Engels. Marxism cannot be thought without Engels. Yet he was usually in the shadow of his friend. In his great biography Tristan Hunt succeeds convincingly in showing Friedrich Engels as an independent thinker whose work was not inferior to that of Marx, but whose life was far more exciting.

Price: 13,99 €

Der Flug des Falken

The rebellious youth of Friedrich Engels

Frederick could have taken over his father's factory, could have become a star in bourgeois cultural life with his literary and philosophical talents. But he took a different path. Driven by his great sense of justice, he rebels against the intellectual paternalism of faith. He does not spare himself in this process, he persistently and critically examines his own thoughts and actions. In this way he sets out on a new world view, which forms a scientific foundation for the liberation of mankind. The image of the falcon appears in his memory. His chest widens. The flight should go high up! To overlook the world, to conquer darkness and confusion, to fathom the secret of creation - that was what he wanted.

A novel (not only) for young people.

Price: 11,00 €

Friedrich Engels, die Bremer Jahre 1838 bis 1841

From freedom-loving poet to important publicist

Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) achieved world fame as a politician, publicist, military theorist and philosopher in tandem with Karl Marx. The cornerstone of this remarkable career was laid by the son of a Barmer entrepreneur during his training period in Bremen from 1838 to 1841, where the industrious letter writer and author of literary and journalistic works became a major publicist of the Vormärz, as evidenced by his involvement in some of the important journals of the time. This book sheds light on Engels' enormous intellectual and ideological development and, by opening up new sources, expands the state of research achieved to date. Contemporary pictures and documents illustrate the conditions found by the alert and extremely intelligent hotspur in the Hanseatic city, which had much to offer him. The documentary section includes, for the first time in chronological order, all of Engels' letters, drawings, articles and literary works that can be proven to have been written in Bremen: critical, instructive and humorous testimonies to a pre-revolutionary period, an exceptional personality and a special city.

Price: 19,90 €

Auf den Barrikaden

Friedrich Engels und die "gescheiterte Revolution" von 1848/49

The revolution of 1848/49 was repeatedly and gladly described as a bulky topic. Nevertheless, contemporaries and later commentators seemed to agree for a long time when they spoke of a failed bourgeois revolution. In any case, the narrative of failure was hardly suitable for triggering any significant contradiction. The Barmer factory owner's son Friedrich Engels, who stood on the barricades himself in Elberfeld in the May days of the great year 1849 and fought with the revolutionaries for a few days for democracy and the recognition of the Empire`s constitution, which had been passed shortly before. The story of these exciting days is told here once again and put in relation to the processes on the central action levels of the revolution of 1848/49.

Price: 19,95 €