In 1775, for the textile manufacturer Johann Caspar Engels, the great grandfather of the socialist Friedrich Engels, the architect Eberhard Haarmann the Elder had erected the Engels-House - a prestigious private and late baroque residence in Wuppertal Barmen The house at the Engelsstraße 10 together with the adjacent house at the Engelsstraße 6, which was built twenty years later, is an outstanding example for an upper class half-timbered house of the Bergisches Land. Both houses refer to the Engels family and the manufactory of Johann Caspar Engels.

About 300 workers lived in the surrounding houses, many of whom were owned by the Engels family itself.  The siting consisted of a small factory-colony with a school, a nearby church and a shop. Two of the worker houses (construction year 1784; numbers 282 and 284) that run nearby the Wittensteinstraße are still in existence. The Engels-House opened in 1970 as the City Museum and the museum of Friedrich Engels Junior. Two of its rooms represent the culture of living of the century around 1800. From 28th November 2020, following the renovation, there will also be an exhibition on the life and work of Engels - the famous son of Wuppertal.